Custom Design:

You get an inspiration and we turn it into a custom design.
Email us at to get started. 


Screen Print: 

The most popular method for printing apparel, produces durable and long lasting results. Look in your closet at your graphic tees, vintage tees, long sleeved shirts, camo and tie dye, most of them are screen printed.

Direct to Garment: 

With new inkjet precision a printer directly applies ink to the item. DTG is best for small batches or one of a kind. The print is soft with no color limitations. 



If you need numbering, names or simple 1 color work, vinyl may be the way to go. We'll help you decide on a variety of colors and fonts. 

Online Stores:

We'll set up an online store which allows consumers to directly buy from the site. You promote your store, we print and process orders.